Nordic Walking Poles - STYLI white/kiwi

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Use: Nordic walking, hiking



  • Pair of poles
  • Specially designed for Nordic walking
  • Single section construction
  • Lightweight and resistant
  • Comfortable grip
  • Adjustable and removable Nordic Profi straps
  • Tilted, bevelled tip
  • Curves to absorb vibrations
  • 1st curve: a better angle for the wrist, increases blood circulation
  • 2nd curve: more power and better propulsion, reducing vibrations along the length of the pole
  • 3rd curve: the tip hits the ground at a right angle, minimizing pole slips
  • Equivalent of a 50% carbon pole (vibration absorption)
  • Very comfortable
  • Nordic Sport PAD
  • Robust and durable
  • Weight: 205 g x 2 (for the 115 cm model)


  • Nordic Profi Strap


  • 100% aluminium 7075
  • Tip: tungsten
  • EVA foam grip


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Removable Nordic Profi Strap: This system lets you release your hand from the strap by simply pressing on the top of the grip.

EVA: Compact and very dense, EVA foam is a polymer similar to elastomer materials in terms of softness and flexibility. This material is highly resistant and has good clarity and shine, UV resistance and adhesive properties.