X-Bionic SKI ENERGIZER LT SOCKS - Socks - black/stone grey marl

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Use: winter sports



  • Socks
  • High-rise
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Protection in sensitive areas
  • Stimulation under the foot
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Keep the feet cool


  • Shin Protector
  • Heel Protector
  • Toe Protector
  • Instep Protector
  • Lambertz-Nicholson tendon protector
  • Anatomic feet
  • AirConditioning Channel®
  • Suppronation® Bandage


  • 2 concentric pressure strips built into the sock structure for optimal support
  • 3D air channel structures and high-tech thread for ventilation


  • 49% polyamide
  • 28% polyester
  • 12% polypropylene
  • 11% elastane

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More info



SHIN PROTECTOR: Cushions shocks, reduces painful squashing and the risk of grazing.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0044


HEEL PROTECTOR: Pressure exerted on the heel can easily cause blisters. This protection reduces rubbing and helps prevent blisters forming.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0061


ANATOMICALLY SHAPED FOOTBED: Designed with a specific right (R) and left (L) foot with an integrated Air-Conditioning Channel® system. The sole is reinforced in the stressed points such as the heel or metatarsus to improve the contact with the shoe.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0061


AIR-CONDITIONING CHANNEL®: Made of thin mesh, it only covers 30% of the skin. With every step, the foot pumps the moist, warm air out and allows clean fresh air to flow in. Fresh air can circulate even in a well-fitted shoe to better regulate foot temperature.

Protected by EP1011352, AU742686, US6286151, JP4617321 patents


TOE PROTECTOR: If you want to perform, you need to look after your toes. The asymmetric toe protector wraps the toes and absorbs pressure to prevent blisters and abrasions.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0069


INSTEP PROTECTOR WITH AIRVENT ZONE : 3D knit preventing materials resting on the surface, leaving a layer of air underneath.

Protected by patent number EP1893044


SUPPRONATION® BANDAGE: Band preventing over-pronation or supination. Stabilises the foot in its natural rolling movement and keeps it from turning inwards or outwards.

Protected by EP1796400, TR201100307 , CA2636609, JP2008-551638, MX285807, RO1976400 patents


LAMBERTZ-NICHOLSON™ ACHILLES TENDON PROTECTION: Reinforcements reduce pressure on the achilles tendon area. This shock absorber acts as a buffer between the foot and the shoe to reduce pressure points and friction. 

Protected by EP1562681, TR200805430 T4, AU2003292969B2, CA2505147, CN200380103010.8, JP4746322, US7681254 patents