X-Bionic RUN ENERGIZER - Socks - teal blue/opal black

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Use: running



  • Designed all racing types
  • Comfort compression zones for improved circulation
  • Prevents heavy legs
  • Can be worn before, during and after exercise
  • Smart Compression Zone: graduated compression for increased venous flow


  • AirConditioning Channel®
  • AirVent for instep protection
  • AirFlow ankle protector
  • Anatomically shaped footbed
  • Heel Protector
  • Aktiv-Bund
  • Lambertz Nicholson achilles tendon protector


  • 35% nylon
  • 26% skin nodor
  • 20% mythlan
  • 10% Durapro
  • 8% elastane

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More info



AIR-CONDITIONING CHANNEL®: Made of thin mesh, it only covers 30% of the skin. With every step, the foot pumps the moist, warm air out and allows clean fresh air to flow in. Fresh air can circulate even in a well-fitted shoe to better regulate foot temperature.

Patent protected by EP1011352, AU742686, US6286151, JP4617321


INSTEP PROTECTOR WITH AIRVENT ZONE : 3D knit preventing materials resting on the surface, leaving a layer of air underneath.

Patent protected by EP1893044


AIRFLOW™ ANKLE PADS: The ankle bone sticks out on the side of the leg and is often grazed in the event of a fall. These crossed reinforcements offer optimal ankle protection without affecting the air exchange.

Patent protected by EP1796490, ES2334691T3, TR201000173 T4, CN101083917B, RU2380008C2, CA2576918


ANATOMICALLY SHAPED FOOTBED: Designed with a specific right (R) and left (L) foot with an integrated Air-Conditioning Channel® system. The sole is reinforced in the stressed points such as the heel or metatarsus to improve the contact with the shoe.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0061


HEEL PROTECTOR: Pressure exerted on the heel can easily cause blisters. This protection reduces rubbing and helps prevent blisters forming.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0061


TOETIP PROTECTOR: Everyone is familiar with the uncomfortable feeling caused when the foot slips forward and the toes hit the shoe each time. To alleviate this pressure, the asymmetrical toe protection is manufactured with a hollow fibre that absorbs shocks to protect the most sensitive area.

Protected by RCD EU39516-0059


AKTIV-BUND®: Offers support and hold without compression or slipping. This guarantees a perfect fit for optimal comfort.


LAMBERTZ-NICHOLSON™ ACHILLES TENDON PROTECTOR: Reinforcements reduce pressure on the achilles tendon area. This shock absorber acts as a buffer between the foot and the shoe to reduce pressure points and friction.

Patent protected by EP1562681, TR200805430 T4, AU2003292969B2, CA2505147, CN200380103010.8, JP4746322, US7681254




Mythlan® is hypoallergenic and therefore perfectly neutral for the skin. The lightness of the microfibres offers maximum comfort.

Composition: 100% polypropylene


DURAPRO® is a multifunction hollow fibre. It is an stretchy fibre that breathes. It cushions pressure and shock through built-in micro air pockets in the fibre core.


Skin Nodor® is a nano-technology that releases ions that work to prevent bacteria growth, reducing unpleasant odours.

Composition: 100% polyester