Bollé INSTINCT MIPS - Ski Helmet - matt white/red

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Use: winter sports



  • Complies with ASTM/CE standards
  • Weight: 390 g


  • MIPS
  • Boa® Fit Closure
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Safety QR Code



  • Double In Mold construction
  • Boa® Fit Closure
  • Efficient, adjustable ventilation
  • Removable ear pads
  • Adjustable strap with chin protector
  • Safety QR code


  • Removable, washable lining


  • Polycarbonate

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More info



MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System): This system is based on a hard plastic shell placed inside the helmet. Fixed to the helmet with multi-directional attachments, the MIPS system can move in all directions inside the helmet. The aim is to let the helmet move freely on the head in the event of an oblique impact. By turning around the head, the helmet absorbs and dissipates the force of the impact, thus reducing the effect on the brain.

BOA®: This revolutionary system ensures personalised comfort with precise and even fastening, reducing pressure points. Precise button for an optimal fit and for adjusting with a single hand. It's a fastening system that repels water, mud and ice.


Adjustable Ventilation: Easy to use, the adjustable ventilation system lets you modify the amount of air intake.


 Safety QR Code: In the event of an accident, the Safety QR Code helps anyone with a smartphone that reads QR Codes to find out the person to contact and have access to first aid instructions through a pre-recorded voice message. This option, exclusive to Bollé®, helps enhance safety. COMPOSITION: In-Mold: Construction with unique moulding between the outer shell and the inner lining, significantly reducing the weight of the helmet and providing more efficient ventilation. This unique construction also ensures a better diffusion of the impact over a larger part of the helmet.The outer shell made from polycarbonate (known for its excellent impact resistance) is directly moulded with the expanded polystyrene (EPS) inner foam.