X-Bionic APANI MERINO P W - Tight - Women's - black/grey/magnolia

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Use: winter sports, outdoor



  • High performance tights
  • Tight, ergonomic fit
  • Optimal muscle compression
  • Protection from the cold
  • Intake heat regulation: sweat wicking and cool
  • Ideal for winter sports


  • Aktiv Bund
  • Retina
  • Expansion Ribs
  • ThermoSyphon
  • 3D-BionicSphere®
  • InnerLap AirConditioning Zone®
  • Insulation Pads
  • Iso-Pad
  • Expansion Knee®


  • Cools as you sweat and heats when you're cold
  • Higher cut on the back, this garment stays put even during constant movement


  • 87% merino wool
  • 12% polypropylene
  • 1% elastane


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AKTIV-BUND®: Offers support and hold without compression or slipping. This guarantees a perfect fit for optimal comfort.


Retina: Precise body mapping system that optimises the efficiency of this technology by enhancing stimulation with strategically placed zones. 

Expansion Ribs®: The knitted fabric folds apart based on the accordion principle, ensuring that winter cold doesn’t cool down the elbows. The insulating effect is maintained through warm air stored on the inside.


Expansion Knee®: The knitted fabric folds apart based on the accordion principle, ensuring the winter cold doesn’t cool down the knees as they bend. The insulating effect is maintained through warm air stored on the inside.


ThermoSyphon®: active on both the front and back, this is the most powerful heat regulation. Keep warm when it's cold and stay cool when you sweat.


INSULATION PADS: They help retain heat on the thighs and reduce the risk of injury. Wave-shaped, their protection covers a large surface of the thigh muscle, trapping heat close to the body to support muscle performance.


3D BIONIC SPHERE®: This system leaves a thin layer of moisture on the skin without it bothering the skin. It wicks away excess sweat, enabling it to evaporate through the dynamic thermal layer. The unique patented 3D-BionicSphere® system preserves resources to help you perform better. Less energy is spent regulating body temperature, leaving you with more energy for exercise.


INNERLAP AIR-CONDITIONING ZONE®: a channel venting system around the body that continually evacuates moisture and heat. It helps air circulate to parts of the body that would not normally have access to cool air. Physiological studies have shown, for example, that the inner thigh is less sensitive to the cold. InnerLap AirConditioning Zone® is a finely woven mesh without insulation. The cooling therefore happens through air exchange. Once sweat starts to evaporate, the cooling process goes up a notch, as the activation system is right next to the skin.


ISO-PADS: Iso-Pads can be on the hips, seat (if they are thinner) and shoulders. On the hips, they each have 11 channels and go right to the waistband. Your internal organs are well protected from the cold. This enables targeted insulation for different parts of the body.




Renewable, recyclable and biodegradable merino wool, combines all the advantages of traditional wool, synthetic fibres and cotton. It is soft, warm in the cold and cool in the heat, breathable to prevent dampness and has anti-odour properties.