Dahu ECORCE 01C W90 19/20 - Ski Boots - Women's - basalt black/black

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Use: alpine skiing, all mountain



  • Convert into après-ski boots
  • Season: 2020-2021
  • Discipline: all mountain
  • Level: intermediate to experienced
  • Flex: 90


  • Ergonomic attachment system for simple conversion
  • Après-ski boot fits perfectly into the exoskeleton
  • Button to open exoskeleton on the calf
  • Velcro adjustable
  • Powerful, technical and precise
  • Comfortable, anatomic fit
  • Optimal PrimaLoft insulation
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Micrometric buckles
  • TriLock design
  • Forefoot width: 92 mm
  • Forward tilt angle: 14°
  • Shell weight: 1340 g
  • Starting weight: 780 g


  • Boots: 900D canvas
  • Insulation: EVA
  • Shell: TPU Desmopan 9868
  • Microfibre upper
  • Beam: aluminium 6060 and aluminium 6082
  • Midsole: EVA and polyurethane
  • Outsole: natural vulcanised rubber


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PrimaLoft®: Often described as the alternative to down, PrimaLoft® insulation significantly boosts the performance of cold-weather garments. The microfibres are light, air permeable, and easily compressible. Products containing this insulation keeps you warm and dry even in the coldest and harshest weather conditions.

EVA: The moulded EVA foam insert is particularly flexible. It helps improve shock absorption and lightness.




FLEX INDEX: The flex is the boot's flexibility index. The greater the flex, the more rigid and reactive the boot. On the contrary, a soft flex will be more tolerant and comfortable. The flex of your boot is chosen in relation to your skiing level as well as size.


Men's Flex Index:

  • Flex from 60 to 70: beginner to intermediate
  • Flex from 80 to 110: intermediate to advanced
  • Flex above 120: expert

Women's Flex Index:

  • Flex from 50 to 70: beginner to intermediate
  • Flex from 80 to 90: intermediate to advanced
  • Flex from 100 to 110: expert

Important: A flex that is too rigid for the average skier will impede progression. For a heavy and powerful skier, it is essential to increase the flex.