Rossignol ALLTRACK PRO 120 120/20 - Ski Boots - Men's - deep blue

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Use: freeride



  • Season: 2019-2020
  • Discipline: freeride
  • Level: experienced to expert
  • Flex: 120


  • Generative Design Grid Case
  • Pads for foot arch
  • Dual core
  • Forefoot width: 100 mm
  • Pre-Shape Slipper - Full Custom T2
  • Arch Pad
  • Fastening system: Canting
  • Power Wrap tongue
  • Seamless forefoot
  • Strap width: 40 mm
  • 4 micrometric buckles
  • Hike mode: mechanism that offers 50° of travel
  • Compatible with Grip Walk soles
  • Weight per boot: 1870 g


  • Thermal insulation: Thinsulate® Stretch
  • Case and pad: polyurethane
  • Buckles: Aluminium


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More info


3M™ Thinsulate™: These products retain as much heat as possible on a smaller surface area. This technology guarantees that those wearing clothes or shoes will benefit from lightness and freedom of movement even in cold weather, while being kept warm.

The term Thinsulate refers to a material made of ultra-fine synthetic fibers that store a lot of air, and ensure a production of heat.

The 3M company is known for its many innovations, already present in Neil Armstrong's equipment.

The special Thinsulate Insulation fibres ensure a high level of comfort as well as efficient breathability and anti-moisture action, even when practising sports that generate a lot of sweat.




Flex Index: indicates the boot's level of flexibility. The greater the flex, the more rigid and reactive the boot. On the contrary, a soft flex will be more tolerant and comfortable. The flex of your boot is chosen in relation to your skiing level as well as size.

Men's Flex Index:

      • Flex less than 80: beginner to intermediate
      • Flex from 80 to 110: intermediate to advanced
      • Flex above 110: expert

Women's Flex Index:

      • Flex less than 70: beginner to intermediate
      • Flex from 70 to 100: intermediate to advanced
      • Flex above 100: expert

Important: A flex that is too rigid for the average skier will impede progression. For a heavy and powerful skier, it is essential to increase the flex.