Tights - Women's - X FIT purple

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Use: multisports



  • Tights
  • Model: women's
  • Elasticated waistband
  • Technical, thermal base layer 
  • Two-layer fabric structure for efficient moisture and sweat wicking
  • Retains body heat while providing abrasion and friction protection 
  • Flatlock seams for total comfort
  • Maximum operating temperature: 15 to -10 °
  • Very lightweight, great to wear for sport or everyday use against the cold
  • Guaranteed EU manufacturing with high quality Italian fibres
  • Must be worn close to the body for proper use


  • Silver ions
  • 3D weave


  • 47% polyamide
  • 49% polypropylene
  • 4% lycra

*1st layer: Polypropylene acts as a spacing layer that wicks moisture, 100% antibacterial (prevents bad smells) thanks to the natural properties of the fibres. The effect is enhanced by silver ions permanently placed in the primary fibre. 
*2nd layer: Absorbent polyamide disperses moisture across the surface for quick drying 

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More info


SILVER IONS are bacteriostatic silver fibres. Acting as a germicide, they prevent the formation and development of bacteria that cause unpleasant odours. Silver ions prevent the development of micro-organisms and prevent unwanted body odours.

  3D WEAVE: Guarantees optimal muscle mobility, support during exercise and good blood flow without compression.