Evvo SNOWSHOE CLOUTEES N°2 - Snowshoes - black/red

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  • Traction, all-terrain: 100% rubber sole developed with MICHELIN. The blade studs provide grip on snow, ice and all other non-snow surfaces. The sole incorporates Icespike technology for a better ice grip. 7 carbide tips are integrated in the sole of each foot. The inserts and screws are interchangeable
  • Walking ergonomics: Patented ergonomic shape and certified by podiatrists, lightweight and flexible materials
  • Lift: Patented spatula-less shape to keep a natural stride and save your energy even on powder snow
  • Thermal and acoustic comfort: Liner designed with MATRYX weave for optimal water repellency and breathability
  • The foam/rubber screen provides incomparable thermal insulation and reduces noise pollution
  • Intuitiveness: Double tightening system on the end and heel, intuitive putting on and adjustment
  • Made in France technology: The Snowshoe EVVO is a real technical innovation developed in France in the Pilat massif. It is produced in France near our Bourg Argental site
  • Design: The unique design of the snowshoes has been awarded the Observeur du Design 2019 label by the APCI.


  • 100% rubber