Xsocks XBS.EFFEKTOR BIKE 4.0 - Socks - black/white

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  • Upper: High-rise
  • Elasticated collar for perfect support
  • Provides support for the foot during prolonged exercise
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Efficient moisture wicking
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Designed to maintain an optimal body temperature (approx. 37°C)
  • Special fibres that inhibit the formation of unpleasant odours
  • Achilles tendon protector
  • Reinforced heel to protect against blisters
  • Reinforced toe area
  • Albedo® reflective technology
  • Anatomic insole
  • Suppronation Bandage ®, a system that supports muscles, joints and the ankle around tendons
  • Lambertz-Nicholson Achilles Tendon Protector technology to protect the area above the heel
  • Air-Conditioning Channel system for optimal ventilation
  • Aktiv-Bund ensures a perfect fit without discomfort
  • Heel Protector protects the heels from chafing and blisters
  • Traverse AirFlow Channel System
  • Toe Protector, asymmetrical protector below the toes
  • ToeTip Protector, adapted to the asymmetric arch of the toes
  • AirFlow ankle pads
  • Light, breathable and stretchy fabric


  • 88% polyamide
  • 5% polypropylene
  • 2% polyester
  • 1% other fibres