Garmin FENIX 6S SAPPHIRE - GPS/Cardio Watch - rose gold/grey

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  • Wrist heart rate and pulse oximeter sensors
  • Battery life: up to 9 days between two charges in smart watch mode
  • PacePro™ feature for running more intelligently on different types of terrain
  • Preloaded ski maps of over 2,000 resorts worldwide
  • Sync your favourite streaming services and listen to music without your phone


Clock functions and sensors:

  • Time / date
  • GPS time sync
  • Automatic daylight saving time
  • Alarm clock
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Sunrise/sunset times
  • Numerous sensors: GPS, Glonass, Altimeter, Thermometer...

Health tracking:

  • Heart rate monitor on your wrist
  • Daily resting heart rate
  • Abnormal heart rate alerts
  • Breathing rate (24/7)
  • Pulse oximeter (spot check and optional acclimatisation throughout the day and in sleep)
  • Body Battery™
  • All day stress level tracking
  • Sleep monitoring (sleep score + insights)
  • Hydration (in Garmin Connect™ and the optional Connect IQ™ widget)

Everyday smart functions:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth®, ANT+®, Wi-Fi®
  • Connect IQ™ (watch faces, data fields, widgets and downloadable apps)
  • Smart notifications
  • Answer/cancel call message with SMS (Android™ only)
  • Calendar and weather
  • Energy saving: customisable low power watch
  • Music feature + storage: up to 2000 songs
  • Find my phone / watch
  • VIRB® remote control
  • Compatible with smartphones: iPhone®, Android™
  • Compatible with Garmin Connect™ mobiles
  • Garmin Pay™

Activity tracking features:

  • Step counter
  • Activity bar (appears on the device after a period of inactivity; walk for a few minutes to reactivate)
  • Automatic goal setting (interprets your activity level and defines a daily step goal)
  • Calories burned, floors climbed, distance covered, intensity minutes
  • Garmin Connect ™ Challenges App



  • Glass material: PRO: Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX, sapphire crystal
  • Bezel material: stainless steel and titanium with carbon coating (DLC)
  • Case material: Fibre-reinforced polymer with metal case bottom
  • Compatible with QuickFit™ straps: Included (20 mm)
  • Silicone strap for 108 to 182 mm wrist circumference
  • Case size: 42 x 42 x 13.80 mm
  • Display format: 30.40 mm (1.20") diameter
  • Screen definition: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Display type: Anti-reflective, transflective MIP
  • Weight: 61 g (case only: 44 g)
  • Water-resistance: 10 ATM
  • Memory/history: 32 GB

Battery life:

  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Smart watch: up to 9 days
  • GPS Battery: up to 25 hours
  • GPS and music: up to 6 hrs
  • Max. GPS battery life: up to 50 hrs
  • GPS expedition mode: up to 20 days
  • Power saving mode: up to 34 days


  • GPS Fenix 6S watch
  • USB charging cable
  • Information


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More info

More info

The FENIX 6 is an all-new, high-performance design with new, advanced features and improved battery life.

A truly robust smart device, it has been adapted to meet any challenge and fit any lifestyle with built-in tools such as a wrist heart rate monitor, Pulse Ox, outdoor navigation sensors, built-in activity profiles, new power management system, performance statistics, contactless payment, Smart Notifications and much more.

Optimised for outdoor use with a permanently active, 1.4" anti-reflective screen (36% larger than previous FENIX models) and highly scratch and break resistant Sapphire glass.




ANT+®: A 2.4GHz proprietary wireless networking protocol. One advantage of ANT+ is that it requires very little energy. It is primarily used with sports and fitness sensors, but it can also be incorporated into other sectors, including health, home automation and industry. One of the first applications was actually measuring high-level sports, such as cycling.

Bluetooth Smart®: Bluetooth Smart is the economic, intelligent version of wireless Bluetooth technology. With its low energy consumption, Bluetooth Smart is ideal for devices powered by small batteries over long periods of time. So you can keep your smartphone or tablet app running in the background without worrying about your battery level.






Push performance to a whole new level.


SPORTS APPS: Use pre-installed activity profiles for trail running, track running, swimming, running, cycling, hiking, rowing, skiing, golf and more.

SKI TOURING: This profile distinguishes between ascents and descents in ski touring and then displays specific metrics directly on the watch.

XC SKI DYNAMICS: Once the watch is paired with the HRM-Pro™ heart rate belt (sold separately), the glide power metric calculates the real time effort of your cross-country workouts.

POWER MANAGER: View how various settings and sensors impact your watch's battery life, so you can make battery-extending changes on the fly.

WRIST HEART RATE SENSOR: The watch continuously measures your heart rate and warns you if it is too low or too high when you are at rest. This metric also helps you evaluate your efforts during your activities, even underwater.

BODY BATTERY™ ENERGY MONITOR: Optimise your body's energy reserves by using heart rate variability, stress, sleep and other data to assess when you are at your best and when you need to rest.

HYDRATION TRACKING: Staying hydrated is important for your well-being. Record your daily water intake to avoid dehydration and track your daily hydration that you can asses for consistency.

PERFORMANCE DATA: View advanced training data including running dynamics (stride analysis), temperature and altitude adjusted VO2 Max, recovery support and more.

RECOVERY AID: After each workout, the recovery time lets you know when you'll be ready for your next session. It also takes into account the workout intensity and factors such as stress, daily activity and sleep.

DAILY WORKOUT SUGGESTIONS: For custom workouts, get daily training recommendations for running and cycling based on your current training capacity and level.

PACEPRO™ FUNCTIONS: The unique PacePro feature helps you keep pace with specific advice that adapts to the gradient of your route.

GOLF: Access full-colour CourseView maps for more than 42,000 golf courses worldwide and take advantage of button targeting and PlaysLike Distance, which analyses the distance of your shots based on gradient.

MENSTRUAL CYCLE TRACKING: Use the Garmin Connect™ app to track your menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Record symptoms, get training and diet tips and more. Even see detailed information on your wrist with the menstrual cycle tracking widget and the pregnancy tracking app.


Always better with your Fenix.


CLIMBPRO FUNCTION: Use the ClimbPro Climb Planner on uploaded routes to view real-time information about your current and upcoming climbs, including steepness, distance and .

MULTI-SATELLITE SUPPORT: Access multiple satellite navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) to navigate even in the most challenging environments where GPS alone is not enough.

ABC SENSORS: Track your next route with ABC sensors featuring an altimeter for altitude data, a barometer to monitor weather and a 3-axis electronic compass for orientation.

PULSE OXIMETER: For altitude acclimatisation or sleep analysis, a pulse oximeter sensor uses light beams on your wrist to assess your body's oxygen absorption.

BREATHING MONITORING: View your breathing data throughout the day, while sleeping and during yoga and breathing activities.

EXPEDITION MODE: Go anywhere you want between recharges. Expedition mode, an ultra-low power GPS reference, lasts for weeks.

TOPOGRAPHICAL & SKI MAPS: Use the topographic maps to find your way during all your adventures. Display the name and slope difficulty of 2,000 ski resorts around the world.

ROUND TRIP PLANNER: Enter the distance you want to travel and get suggested routes back to your starting point. The popular Trendline™ route generator helps you find the best local routes.

DETAILED DIRECTIONS: Follow a route or path with detailed directions that shows you the next turn in advance.


Always connected.


Notifications: Receive emails, texts and alerts directly on your watch when paired with a compatible device.

GARMIN PAY: Place your orders easily with Garmin Pay contactless payment solution at partner banks.

TRACKING AND SAFETY FEATURES: If you feel in danger or if your watch detects that an incident has occurred, the assistance and incident detection features send your location to emergency contacts.

Connect IQ™ Store: Download custom watch faces, add data fields and get apps and widgets from the Connect IQ store.

MUSIC APPS: Store up to 2,000 songs or access pre-loaded streaming music apps via compatible services.