Bolle MESSENGER PREMIUM - Urban Helmet - white black

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Use: cycling - town



  • Urban helmet
  • Safety, functionality and comfort
  • Perfect for city riding
  • Innovative, trendy design
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Safety QR code
  • High precision Click-to-Fit system
  • Detachable LED on the back of the helmet
  • 2-mode LED, continuous or flashing, for visibility and safety
  • Ideal for going to work or riding in the city
  • 2 different linings: summer and winter
  • Ideal for riding in all conditions all year round


  • Click-to-Fit System 
  • QR Code system
  • Safety LED
  • All Seasons


  • In Mold construction
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • EPS foam

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More info


IN-MOLD SHELL: the construction is made by fusing the polycarbonate shell with the inner component for a lightweight and impact-resistant helmet.

The Click-To-Fit System enables a precise helmet adjustment. On the piste, you can adjust the helmet's pressure on your head for perfect stability.

SAFETY LED: The LED is specially designed to fit perfectly to Bollé helmets. Located at the highest point of the cyclist’s silhouette, the LED has 2 modes, either continuous or flashing, and provides the best possible visibility and therefore, added safety. If you’re racing, the slightest gram saved is important, so fear not, Bollé has designed a lighter capsule to replace the LED without detracting from its great looks.

ALL SEASONS: Bollé helmets have two linings, one for summer and high temperatures and one for the cold in winter. The winter lining replaces the summer lining and is directly attached to the helmet with velcro. The helmet straps slide through loops sewn into the winter lining. No more slippery beanie and exposed ears after just a few kilometres!

These 2 linings help you ride in perfect conditions all year round. 

SAFETY QR CODE: The One and Messenger models focus on safety. In the event of an accident, the Safety QR Code allows any person with a QR code reader on their smartphone to identify who should be contacted and what should be done, using a voice message recorded beforehand. This Bollé exclusive option makes your outings safer.