Mizuno WAVE RIDER 24 - Running Shoes - Men's - blue/pink

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Use: running



  • Surface: Road
  • Stride: Universal
  • Drop: 12 mm
  • Foot shape: Standard
  • Weight: 290 g (per shoe)



  • Low-rise
  • Mizuno Enerzy technological foam
  • Midfoot reinforcement
  • AeroHug design
  • DynamotionFit tracks your movements perfectly
  • AirMesh upper
  • Perfect fit 
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Classic laces


  • Premium Insock
  • Removable
  • Comfortable and cushioning


  • U4IC foam sole 
  • Built-in Mizuno Wave® technology
  • Even shock distribution
  • Mizuno InterCool ventilation system
  • Optimal cushioning


  • X-10 rubber
  • SmoothRide technology
  • Fluid foot roll
  • Reduces vibrations and increases flexibility
  • Sole thickness (front/back): 19/31 mm
  • Abrasion-resistant

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More info



AeroHug: The AeroHug design wraps the arch to eliminate the space between the foot and shoe as you run, creating a more secure, comfortable fit.


Mizuno Enerzy™: This foam is specially designed to offer a softer, more generous cushioning and ensure smoother transitions.


DynaMotion Fit: Stretchy mesh to help the top of the shoe move with you. This reduces the tension endured by the shoe and prevents the tongue from moving.


AirMesh: Airy nylon upper for an optimal feel, breathability, and comfort.


INTERCOOL: Ventilation system positioned on the natural flexing points and on the midsole. The ventilation channels throughout the sole reduce feelings of dampness and overheating.


U4ic: The U4ic midsole helps lighten the shoe by 30%, while staying durable and shock absorbent.


X10: Durability and traction. X10 is a carbon rubber that increases the abrasion resistance of the outsole and provides heel traction. X10 is positioned in the naturally high abrasion area.


Mizuno WAVE TECHNOLOGY: Throughout the successive development stages of their running shoes, Mizuno look at combining two opposite functions: cushioning and stability. Mizuno Wave is shaped to improve distribution of the shock wave, throughout the whole length of the plate, on impact, for an ideal balance of cushioning and stability.


Premium Insock: High quality removable insole for increased comfort, cushioning and resistance.


SmoothRide: Provides smoother acceleration and deceleration, reduces vibrations and increases flexibility.