K2 GOTTALUVIT 105 TI - Freeride Skis - Women's

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Use: alpine skiing, freeride



  • Unmounted skis
  • Year: 2019
  • Model: women's
  • Discipline: freeride
  • Level: expert
  • Excellent lift in powder
  • Great for both difficult passages with tough snow and powder
  • Power and stability
  • Durable and resistant


  • Core: light, solid poplar and paulownia
  • Konic Technology: heavier, harder materials on the sides
  • Titanium leaves for cushioning and precision
  • Braided fibre glass for torsional stiffness
  • Straight sidewalls for precise traction and energy transfer
  • Tapered tips and tails
  • Traditional camber
  • All-Terrain Rocker: front rocker and mild back rock

DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT (reference size: 170cm): 

  • Side cuts: 121 - 105 - 137 mm
  • Turn radius: 16 m
  • Weight: 3500 g


  • K2 Konic Technology
  • Metal Laminate
  • All Terrain Rocker

Choosing the correct equipment

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K2 Konic Technology: Revolutionary core design, made in two parts: one light wood central part that spreads from the tail to the tip, and an outer dense wood part on the sidewalls. The weight of the ski is distributed, adding power, strength and stability directly to the ends, while reducing weight under the feet and the camber, to optimise handling. The weight is reduced by 5%, but by 15% in balance.

Metal Laminate: Metal laminate construction, made up of alternate fibre glass and titanium layers. It provides optimal glide, precision, rigidity and additional reactivity, for powerful and efficient skis.

All Terrain Rocker: This specific line, combining a classic camber with a longer rocker tip, allows effortless turns on difficult slopes and hard snow, but also provides good flotation in powder snow. With it's directional shape, it offers a longer, raised tip and a shorter tail. This position frees up the front of the ski and offers excellent gliding and manageability.