K2 MINARET 100 SV - Ski Boots - Women's - grey/blue

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Use: alpine skiing, freeride, touring



  • Ski boots
  • Model: women's
  • Season: 2018-2019
  • Upper profile: adult
  • Ideal for freeride and touring
  • Comfortable and weather resistant
  • Designed to optimise power transfer and efficiency
  • Flex index: 100
  • Forefoot width: 100 mm
  • Perfect foot hold, both at the forefoot and the heel
  • Fits to the natural curve of the toes for a more precise, comfortable fit
  • Synchro Interlock system (touring mode) releases the upper and lower shells
  • Walking mode for optimal comfort
  • Liner: LuxFit Tour Intuition®
  • Thermoformable and removable foam liner
  • Ideal for intermediate to expert skiers
  • 3 adjustable aluminium micrometric buckles
  • High performance Vibram® sole
  • Outsoles: Heel & Toe (full interface)
  • Removable TPU injected pads for increased grip and traction
  • 40mm velcro Powerstrap
  • Weight: 2000 g


  • PowerFuse Spyne
  • Synchro Interlock
  • LuxFit Tour Intuition®
  • Cuff Alignment Index
  • Integrated Tech Fittings
  • Vibram® Rocker Outsole

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More info



LuxFit Tour Intuition®: Comfortable and breathable, moulded and durable inner-boot. It is made of a strategically placed Intuition® lower foam and an asymmetric mouldable tongue. Its construction is a combination of thermoformable foam, Intuition® foam and a traditional foam lining. Tour Flex notches are added to the main joints for a natural flex and optimal range of movement when walking.

PowerFuse Spyne: A rear co-injected Y-shaped support that adds strength and power to the Energy Interlock in order to maximise fore/aft flex efficiency and lateral stiffness for responsiveness on all terrains. It helps perfectly stabilise the foot and ankle joint.

Synchro Interlock:  This system will help you finally enjoy walking in ski boots. With the trigger on the back of the boot, you can simply unlock the system for walking mode. This increases the flex of the upper for forward/backward mobility and greater comfort. Simply relock the system to get the boot performance for a full day on the slopes without sacrificing comfort.

Vibram® Rockered Outsole: This sole is the benchmark for high efficiency rubber soles. Exclusive compositions are created according to the specific requirements of each activity. For skiing, the Vibram® ISO 9523 outsole offers exceptional grip and greater traction, to protect from slipping. It prevents snow sticking under the boot and provides excellent cushioning.

Cuff Alignment Index: System for easily adjusting the upper tilt angle by +/- 2 degrees.

Integrated Tech Fittings: System that makes the sole compatible with DIN-Alpine and Tech bindings. It is fully built into the shell.




Flex Index: The flex is the boot's flexibility index. The greater the flex, the more rigid and reactive the boot. On the contrary, a soft flex will be more tolerant and comfortable. The flex of your boot is chosen in relation to your skiing level as well as size.


Men's Flex Index:

  • Flex less than 80: beginner to intermediate
  • Flex from 80 to 110: intermediate to advanced
  • Flex above 110: expert

Women's Flex Index:

  • Flex less than 70: beginner to intermediate
  • Flex from 70 to 100: intermediate to advanced
  • Flex above 100: expert
Important: A flex that is too rigid for the average skier will impede progression. For a heavy and powerful skier, it is essential to increase the ski's flex.