Odlo BL TOP KINHSHIP WARM - Base-Layer - Men's - black mix

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  • Fit: Tight fit
  • Range: Warm
  • Natural heat regulation
  • Improved moisture management
  • Pre-shaped hood
  • Ventilation zone
  • Made by FWF standard
  • Light fabric
  • Soft feel
  • Easy-wearing
  • Full freedom of movement




  • 52% merino wool
  • 29% polyester
  • 13% polyamide
  • 6% elastane

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ACTIVE ECO range clothing has been redesigned with a new mindset: to offer the best quality while reducing environmental impact as much as possible. The result is high performance gear made from 100% recycled materials. On average, 13 recycled 0.5 litre PET bottles are used to produce one ACTIVE ECO garment.

ZeroScent: Durable anti-odour technology. Silver salt in the fabric creates a barrier to prevent bacteria and odours penetrating into the fibre. ZeroScent has excellent antimicrobial and natural odour reducing properties.



Renewable, recyclable and biodegradable merino wool, combines all the advantages of traditional wool, synthetic fibres and cotton. It is soft, warm in the cold and cool in the heat, breathable to prevent dampness and has anti-odour properties.


Oeko-Tex® Certification: The innovative fibres used are certified by Oeko-Tex®, an internationally recognised control body. This label certifies that the fibres do not contain chemical elements that are harmful to the skin and the individual.



WARM: Functional sportswear with excellent thermal insulation that keeps you warm when it's cold outside. The fabric has natural moisture wicking properties, so your skin stays dry and you stay warm. The fabric's thermal qualities make it the ideal companion for all winter activities.


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TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM (TCS): Odlo have invented a temperature control system for their base layer and clothing ranges, with four thermal qualities: X-LIGHT, LIGHT, WARM and X-WARM

Different levels of thermal insulation and moisture wicking guarantee optimal body temperature regulation and keep the body dry.

With this system, it is easy to choose the right under-garment according to the outdoor temperature and activity level.