BV Sport BOOSTER ELITE - Calf Sleeves - compression green

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Use: running, trail




  • Sold as a pair
  • Made in collaboration with the medical staff of the French 4x100m relay team
  • Made in France
  • BV Sport patented selective compression
  • Specific pressure and adapted to calves
  • Designed to be worn during exercise
  • Concentrated into 25 grams of new generation fabric

Components & Effects:

1 - Selective Compression

  • Adapted compression effect on the calf
  • Optimal and fast toxin elimination

2 - Calf Support:

  • Reinforced knit around the calf
  • Improves calf muscle support
  • Reduced parasite oscillatory movements and vibrations, sources of muscular lesions and fatigue

3 - Asymmetric G-Concept

  • Asymmetrical booster
  • Optimises the performance of the propulsive calf muscles

4 - Microfibre Sensil® INNERGY

  • Improved micro-circulation and performance
  • Antibacterial and anti-UV fibre

5 - Soleus Protect System

  • Achilles tendon support
  • Improved calf stabiliser muscle tone
  • Reduces muscle vibration and shaking

6 - Scientific Concept

  • Made with circular knitting machines
  • Technique allowing pressure control and a precise fit

7 - Aero Tibial Windows

  • Specific, lighter weave on the shin
  • Protects sensitive pre-tibial structure


  • 79% polyamide
  • 21% elastane

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More info




  • Variable / targeted compression: the R&D centre of BV SPORT has proven by numerous scientific research that the pressure transmitted to the lower members varies depending on the type and thickness of the biological tissues which they are composed of. These tissues react as pressure absorbers (muscles and fat) or on the contrary are incompressible (bones, tendons and nerves). 
  • Improvement of the muscle's biomechanics and performance: these innovative parameters have helped develop varying rigidity meshes (soft, semi-rigid and rigid) which have been integrated since 2004 in the manufacturing of the Booster and ProRecup compression range. Selective compression respects the anatomy and physiology of the athletes, optimises the muscular biomechanics of the muscle when moving, improves venous return, limits vibrations and oscillations, reduces the risk of soreness and delays fatigue.




Sensil® Innergy: Technical fabric made with a natural mineral embedded permanently in nylon 6.6.

These fabrics reflect natural thermal energy emitted by the body for optimal performance. They refresh the cells and improve skin oxygenation for easier recovery after training.

This fabric improves muscle elasticity, reducing the appearance of cellulite. It also provides excellent UV protection, increased durability and odour resistance.

Awarded to the ISPO Textrends Top Ten 2018