Altra VANISH XC - Cross-Country Shoes - Women's - lime/black

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Use: cross-country


  • Stride: neutral
  • Recommended for: Urban/city trail (fundamental endurance / 20-30 kg)
  • Ideal for runners between 70 and 80 kg
  • Recommended terrain: paths
  • Level of cushioning: 15 mm, moderate
  • Ideal for beginner to advanced runners
  • Smooth stride and optimal balance
  • Quick, comfortable and lightweight model
  • Improved push-off
  • Improved traction and resistance for increased performance
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Lightweight and high performance
  • Works on and perfects the natural stride


  • Zero Drop™
  • Max LT®
  • Foot Shaped Toe Box



  • Low-rise
  • Stretchy mesh
  • Excellent moisture wicking
  • Increased breathability
  • Seamless
  • Stretchy and static laces
  • Improved tightening
  • Precise foot support
  • Freedom of movement


  • Zero Drop™ platform
  • Heel and forefoot in line with the ground level
  • Respects natural body alignment
  • FootShape™ Toe Box
  • Increased stability and propulsion
  • Enhanced midfoot attack


  • 5mm sculpted insole
  • Excellent cushioning and energy return
  • Contours the foot perfectly
  • Optimal comfort


  • Max-LT™ midsole
  • Optimal energy return
  • Firm and responsive
  • Shock reduction, optimal flexibility
  • Optimal balance between weight and cushioning


  • Rubber
  • Optimal grip
  • Points for extra grip
  • Optimal traction

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More info



Max-LT: Light, high performance foam midsole with a reactive underfoot surface.


FootShape™ Toe Box: Allows your toes to spread out comfortably and naturally and for the big toe to reduce pronation. The result is improved stability and increased propulsion for optimal running performance.


ZERO DROP: Places your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground to encourage low-impact running technique, respects the natural alignment of the body and strengthens calf muscles that are weakened by raised heels.