Element MILLET X ELEMENT EDGE - Jacket for men orion blue/black

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  • Cup : Regular
  • MXE Toray Air Stretch ripstop fabric
  • Primaloft® Black eco padding
  • Lycra® insert
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric


  • 100% polyamide

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PrimaLoft® BLACK ECO: The BLACK range from PrimaLoft® has all the essential features for your comfort: warmth, flexibility, lightness... The ECO model is made from 60% post-consumer recycled materials.

  • Unobstructed warmth: an excellent weight-to-heat ratio, so you can stay warm without excessive bulk
  • Breathability: helps moisture to pass through to protect you from the cold and damp
  • Compressibility: for easy storage in a small space and comfortable layered dressing
  • Lightweight: all the warmth you need for minimum weight
  • Exceptional flexibility: unrivalled suppleness for ease of use and a fashionable look


LYCRA®: Garments made with LYCRA® fibre are an invaluable aid, offering the perfect fit for your needs, whether for sport or relaxation. This synthetic elastane fibre is capable of stretching six times its length and returning to its original shape over and over again. LYCRA® fibres have redefined comfort, fit, freedom of movement and dimensional stability, and are an invisible and versatile ingredient that enhances the characteristics of the natural and synthetic fabrics in which they are embedded.