Massforce AIRROW - Rowing Machine - black

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Use: body building, fitness



  • Ergonomic, foldable and equipped with a control screen, enjoy the ultimate rowing simulation experience
  • Allows you to work large muscle areas such as legs, abdominals, back or shoulders with an unprecedented level of comfort
  • Based of the principles of rowing, this rowing machine perfectly provides the same sensations that come with rowing
  • Equipped with a ventilator, which expels more or less air depending on the pace and intensity of your workout
  • Located on the fan block, the regulator allows you to adjust the feeling of your movements without affecting the level of resistance
  • You can enjoy 10 levels that reproduce the different sensations of water
  • The handlebars, seat and foot area have been designed to for optimal handling, position and use
  • In addition, the MASSFORCE™ AIR ROWING is equipped with wheels and takes up very little space, it can easily be transported with one hand and stored wherever you wish
  • Finally, as the seat height is 53.4 cm from the floor, people with limited mobility will be able to use the machine without difficulty
  • Equipped with a control display that activates with the very first rowing movement
  • With it, get the essential information of your session, including distance, time, calories burned and the number of movements made during the effort


  • Resistance system: manual, magnetic
  • Type of movement: horizontal pull
  • Display: LCD Touchscreen
  • Programs included: Yes
  • Folds up: No
  • Resistance level: 10 levels
  • Dimensions  (L x W x H): 235 x 63 x 36 cm
  • Machine weight: 27/30 kg
  • Max. user weight: 180 kg


  • Alloy


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